Verona Township

Verona Township Treasurer

Verona Township Treasurer: Randi Guigar (989) 975-3567 | email:


In an effort to reduce costs, and in compliance with the Michigan statute which states your cancelled check is your official receipt, stamped tax receipts will only be mailed upon request when provided a self- addressed stamped envelope and will be provided when paid at Chemical Bank in Bad Axe. As always, please tear off the top portion of your tax notice and return the payment stub with your check.

BILLS: ALL property owners will receive tax bills for their information. All notices for escrowed parcels will be mailed separately to the mortgage company by the Township Treasurer. Separate receipts will NOT be mailed.

TAX PAYMENTS including the top tear off stub of the tax bill, may be paid by mail to the address listed below or in person at BAY PORT STATE BANK in BAD AXE. CASH payments MUST be made at the bank. Receipts for payments made at the bank will stamped paid and be  considered your receipt. A separate receipt will NOT be mailed.

Payments must be received on or before the date listed on your bill..  Postmarks are NOT accepted. Please note the Treasurer is not responsible for delayed or lost mail.

PAYMENTS can be mailed to (Please allow proper mailing time):

1043 CEDAR ST.
BAD AXE, MI 48413

ADDRESS: Please check your mailing address and make corrections, if needed, on the top mail-in portion of the bill. If the receipt is to go to an address other than the one listed on the current tax bill, please send a self- addressed envelope. You should also contact Tax Mapping at (989) 269-9421 to change the County Records if you have a permanent address change.

CHECK LIST:  There are often times when checks are written incorrectly and must be returned. These errors cause delays and may cause interest being charged on late payments. Please double check the following when filling out your check:

  • Check is made payable to Verona
  • Check is for the correct Checks written for incorrect amounts must be returned.
  • Check has the current date; postdated checks cannot be
  • Check is
  • The numeric amount matches the written

Any checks returned or refused by the bank will be subject to a $25 fee.

DEFERMENT: Qualified property owners may defer payment of real property taxes if you meet the eligibility requirements. This form is included with your tax bill. This form must be received by the township treasurer on or before September 14.  A valid deferment permits summer property taxes to be paid on or before February 14 without additional penalty and interest.

DOG LICENSE: Any puppy over the age of 4 months must be licensed. We need to see current rabies certificate from your veterinarian along with the following information: Name of the dog, sex of dog, whether it is spayed or neutered, date the rabies expires, rabies tag number and your name and telephone number.  Licenses are $15 if spayed or neutered, $20 if not. Dog Licenses must be paid by a separate check. Do NOT include with your tax payment check.